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Top 3 Business Formation Services

Forming Your Business Is Simple & Inexpensive


Harbor Compliance

Starting at
Budget Choice
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  • Full service registered agent
  • Business Address
  • Online Document Access
  • Ad Hoc Compliance Alerts
  • Scan All Inbound Mail to Online Account Portal
  • Limited Customer Support


Starting at
$0 + State Fees
Value Added Provider
Get Started
  • Full service registered Agent Services
  • Business Address
  • Online Document Access
  • Only Pay State Fees
  • Access to other formation services
  • Free Registered Agent

There are many business formation services on the market, and the biggest differentiators are cost and customer service. We have carefully analyzed customer testimonials, customer success, business history, and product details to present you with the 3 most popular, highest-rated options. Northwest Registered Agents offers industry leading service and value-added benefits such as US-based business consulting as part of their offer. While LegalZoom is a leading brand, it offers many other, unrelated business and legal services, and they simply do not offer the custom approach to customer service that Northwest Registered Agent is able to provide. That is why we have included Incfile as an alternative to LegalZoom. While there are many other options in the market, the three choices named above consistently outperform and outclass the others.

Start Your Business Today

Form your LLC in minutes! We help business owners get the best pricing on market-leading business formation, registered agent, and legal services.

How We Chose The Top 3

The top 3 best LLC formation and registered agent service companies were selected based on a combination of customer reviews, service offerings, customer service, and pricing.

As it turns out, the best overall service was selected based on its history of providing the most comprehensive, customer-focused customer support.


Why Start an LLC

LLC's offer types of protections and financial benefits that other business entities wish for.

  • Mitigate Risk
    Enjoy peace of mind. Separate your business liabilities from your personal family life.

  • Simplify Your Bookkeeping
    Unlike corporations, limited liability companies have less complex record-keeping rules.

  • Lower Your Tax Exposure
    Let your CPA work with you to decide whether you are taxed as a LLC or corporation to maximize your savings each year.


Here's What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying

BusinessFormation.io is a free, reader-supported service that strives to educate new business leaders on how to form an LLC, state-specific LLC requirements, and other necessary information to streamline LLC formation.

Alexander M.
Co-founder of Data Science Consultancy
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"BusinessFormation.io was recommended to us by another business owner. We decided to take a chance as a new startup. BusinessFormation.io saved us time and money."
William B.
CEO of Staffing and Recruiting Company
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"This is the second company I have started. These guys helped me save a lot of time and money by pointing me in the right direction! The Top 3 list was great."
James S.
Dentist and Small Business Owner
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"After switching from one service provider to another, the change was scary because we were a relatively new company. This site helped us find the cheapest registered agent to suit our needs!
Jane J.
CEO, Financial Services Company
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"It's been such a joy to work with the team at BusinessFormation.io. Our processes are more efficient than they have ever been."
Matthew A.
Co-founder and CFO
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"BusinessFormation.io helped me form our LLC - we spent way too much in past years. I was very pleased with the value we got from this. "
Jackie M.
VP of Operations
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"I've absolutely loved working with Nora at BusinessFormation.io! She has gone above and beyond for us."

Start Your LLC Now

Starting your LLC should be a quick, easy process. BusinessFormation.io helps business leaders accelerate and streamline the process of forming a business.

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